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1UP Metaverse

Your end to end crypto, NFT & metaverse creative agency.

Metaverse Strategy

1UP will work with you to determine the right metaverse strategy for you. Whether you should build in a third-party metaverse, like Sandbox, Roblox & Decentraland; or whether you want your own native metaverse in VR, on PC, or on Console; 1UP will help you choose the right metaverse to achieve your objectives.

Metaverse Creative

1UP will design every inch of your metaverse. We will concept an entire metaverse for you, given to you on day 1 of our proposal, that we believe can bring your crypto and NFT ecosystem to life. At 1UPs core, we care about challenging, ethical gaming experiences, and we only design games and metaverses that we ourselves would play.

Metaverse Execution

1UP will manage the game & metaverse development process. We will work with our gaming developers to scope all projects, engage in creative iteration, conduct user testing, and ultimately deliver metaverses on time, and on the budget for you.

Ready to get started?

As a fully bespoke creative crypto, nft & metaverse agency, we are available to start work on your crypto strategy right away. Contact us for your free proposal today!