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Your end to end crypto, NFT & metaverse creative agency.

NFT Design

1UP will concept NFT ranges for you, working with our own designers, as well as your internal marketing personnel to design NFT ranges which are on brand, focussed on the consumer, and functional across metaverse spaces.

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NFT Community Building

1UP will engage micro influencers to test, build & iterate NFT ranges during the metaverse development process. We will manage a community feedback loop to maximize engagement prior to NFT launch.

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NFT Launch

1UP will organize your NFT launch, coordinating campaign marketing across social media & metaverse estates. Physical-digital touchpoints will be highly prioritized for the campaign launch, encouraging both Realverse and Metaverse engagement with your NFTs.

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Ready to get started?

As a fully bespoke creative crypto, nft & metaverse agency, we are available to start work on your crypto strategy right away. Contact us for your free proposal today!